In the spirit of trying new things, I’m going to visit a few new fitness studios in the next few months. I look forward to trying new workouts, learning new moves, and meeting new people. So far, there are ten studios on my list. All are in my neck of the woods (Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, except for one in Irvine).

Places to go, workouts to do!

Places to go, workouts to do!

  1. Be The Change Yoga – Orange County’s first donation based yoga studio. I love this concept and want in!
  2. Cardio Barre – Rumors of sweat and sore buns (two of my favorite things) are swarming. I must see for myself!
  3. Ekam Yoga – I have heard great things through Sarah James at Whoorl. Plus, it’s close enough to walk/run/bike which makes it ultra appealing. 
  4. Fixed Gear – I know nothing of this place, except that there are bikes and it is close to my house. Worth a try!
  5. Full Psycle – Two draws to this new cycle studio: 1) One of my favorite instructors of all time teaches here; and 2) they integrate hand weights into the cycling routine
  6. Grit Cycle – I know you can’t judge a book by the cover, but their studio just looks super cool and stylie…
  7. Meraki Barre – The “Pound” class literally has you rocking out with weighted drumsticks. This might be my dream come true!
  8. Pure Barre – “Lift. Tone. Burn.” Yes, please!
  9. OrangeTheory Fitness – Heart-rate monitored training that results in, “the best one hour workout in the country.” Interesting…
  10. Yas Fitness Center – This studio combines yoga and indoor cycling. Sounds like a great match to me!

I will feature one studio every few weeks on Hello Day. Hmm, I wonder where I should start?

Local readers, am I missing any “must try” studios?

What is your favorite fitness studio?