UPDATE: Nike just launched a new and improved NTC app. Read what I have to say about it here.

NTC workout in my home gymI have not been to the gym once this year. Did you catch that? In the past 6+ months, I have been to the gym zero times. It’s just a little too inconvenient these days. And truth be told, my training regimen (running, yoga, strength training and HIIT cardio) doesn’t require fancy gym equipment or a reserved spot in a group class.


This is a semi-recent change for me – this time last year I was at the gym several times per week, mainly for group exercise classes like BodyPump and spin and to use the free weights. But, once I met Nike Training Club (and accumulated a few dumbbells in my garage) I was outta there. NTC is the best thing to happen to my fitness in the past year. Here’s why:

  1. Ultimate schedule/location flexibility. No more searching the 24 Hour Class Schedule and negotiating childcare options. More often than not, I do NTC workouts in my garage while my kids play/argue/laugh/cry/disobey/have fun.
  2. Workouts developed by expert trainers. With Nike’s talented NTC Team, I know I am getting a great workout.
  3. Customizable 4-week training schedules. I determine my goal and NTC tells me how to get there.
  4. Visual and audio cues for every single exercise. No guessing what or how. I get immediate answers.


I love it. Which is no surprise if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook or have been reading Hello Day for more than a few months (more NTC posts here, here, here, here and here.) And, chances are, if we meet in person and you indicate ANY level of interest in fitness, I will whip out the NTC app and give you a tour… consider yourself warned.


Now, different strokes for different folks. NTC may not be your thing. But if you’re interested in a program that gives you expert guidance AND schedule/location flexibility, it might be a good fit. And, since it’s free, you have nothing to lose.


Nike Training Club – How To Get Started

NTC is very easy to set up and use. Regardless, first time users and/or sweat rookies may be overwhelmed and hesitant to get started. So, I thought I would share a few tips on using NTC for the first time.

  1. Download the NTC app – NTC is available on iTunes for both iOS and Android. Sign up for an Nike+ account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Gather your gear – I recommend having at least one set of dumbbells to use. I started with a 5 lb set and eventually accumulated a variety of weights. My staple is a set of 10 lb dumbbells.
  3. Assess your current status – What is your current fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)? Perhaps ask yourself: Am I just getting into the swing of regular exercise? Is working out already a part of my regular routine? Am I an advanced athlete?
  4. Determine your goal – What are you hoping to accomplish with NTC? Do you want to focus on weight loss, muscle toning or building strength? Are you looking to use it on occasion or rely on NTC for your everyday fitness guidance?
  5. Explore NTC Training Programs – NTC offers customized, 4-week training programs. You select the focus, level of intensity and to include/exclude running. I highly recommend using NTC Training Programs to focus your workouts and get the most out of the app. If you’re just beginning to exercise, perhaps start with the Get Lean Program at the beginner level.
  6. Get Started – If you’re following a NTC Training Program, your workouts will be identified for you. If you forgo the program, you will choose your workouts from the library of NTC options. Don’t get lost in a search for the perfect routine. Instead, choose any of the awesome workouts and get moving. You can’t go wrong. And, if you’re still stuck, try this 30 minute beginner workout: Slim Chance (Get Workout –> Get Lean –> Beginner –> Slim Chance –> Review Workout –> Do Workout)
  7. Before each workout – Before starting each workout, spend a few minutes in “Review Workout” to see what exercises you will be doing. For any exercises you’re unfamiliar with, watch the short video demo.
  8. Work. It. Girl. Listen closely to the audio prompts and focus on your form. 


A Few Technical Notes:

  • Downloading Workouts – you can choose to download all workouts at once (a convenient timesaver) or download them as you go. The upside of downloading them as you go, is that it reduces the space the NTC app takes up on your device/phone.
  • Tunes – you can listen to music from your phone while using NTC. I use Spotify and start my music and then open the NTC app to start a workout. If you’re playing music locally from your phone, you can control it in the NTC app.
  • Running – if you’re using an NTC Training Program with integrating running, you must use Nike+ Running app to track your runs. In the NTC Settings, enable “Use Nike+ Running”. To start a run, go to the scheduled run in the Training Program and select “go run”. This will prompt the Nike+Running app. Once you complete the run (and save it in Nike+ Running), open NTC and go back to the scheduled run to sync the run data from Nike+ Running.
  • FAQ – Check the NTC FAQ page for specific questions and/or troubleshooting. You can also find it in the NTC Settings section of the app.


Raise your hand if you’re an NTC girl! Tell me who you are! We are in this fit life together, gals!

Love and Sweat,