In a sea of SLC snow.

In a sea of SLC snow.

A few years ago, Isaac and I went snowboarding in Salt Lake City with good friends. It was amazing and we scored more fresh snow than we knew what to do with. But really, I had no idea what to do with all the powder. It was like learning to snowboard all over again. It took me forever to get down the first run, while the rest of the crew zipped up and down the hill with no problem (darn SLC natives/athletes/pro snowboarders).


As I lay on my back in two feet of snow, after struggling to get up for the 17th time, two things went through my mind: 1) Can I get a snowcat up in here? and 2) Gosh, I’m glad I’m in shape. Because, when you’re at 11,000 feet, struggling to stand up in 2 feet of fresh powder while strapped to a 48 inch board, your heart rate responds.

Life is physically demanding. As a matter of fact, one of the biggest surprises to me about motherhood is the sheer physicalness of it all. There’s not much difference between a sherpa and a mama. Truly.

There's no difference between a mom and a sherpa.

Sherpa for hire. Accepted forms of payment: Bloody Mary’s.

Being fit is an advantage. Whether it’s an activity you opt in for (ex. snowboarding) or an unexpected physical situation you happen upon (ex. moving a king size mattress up three flights of stairs with your life partner), fitness makes a difference. It prepares your body to deal with physical stress, so you can rise to the occasion, both in the gym and daily life.


I keep this reality top of mind when I’m engaged in a difficult workout – it gives purpose to my effort. During long runs, I think of the endurance that I need to keep up with my kids. During yoga, I remind myself that the balance I’m gaining will support my sporadic surfing attempts. And during training sessions, I focus on the strength, speed and endurance needed for my everyday active life.

Barry’s Bootcamp is my go to studio for grueling training sessions. Every single workout makes me stronger, faster and more fit. I leave feeling confident that I will do life better because of my workout. I’ve gushed about Barry’s before; in summary, its a 60 minute workout that mixes intense cardio drills with serious strength training. I love it because the trainers challenge me beyond my assumed capabilities. Every. Damn. Time. I leave feeling like a crazed she-woman hyped up on endorphins and sweat. Oh, and the music is pretty fun too. It’s such a great feeling to know that I am proactively equipping myself for a life of fitness, both inside and outside of the gym.


Barry’s Bootcamp is gifting one lucky winner with a free 3-class class bundle good for the Irvine location! I am VERY excited about this giveaway. Really, Barry’s kicks the booty like nobody else.


To enter for the chance to win the 3-class bundle to Barry’s Bootcamp Irvine, leave a comment answering the question below by September 3rd.

What is one area of your life that requires a level of fitness from you?

P.S. Barry’s Bootcamp is also offering a new student special right now – 10 classes for $100… which is a total score! Visit their website for more information.